Behind the Scenes: The Ube Dessert Crafters 

founders of all things ube

Daphne and Dennis Daung

All Things Ube started off as a simple conversation Daphne and Dennis had in 2018 with memories of Daphne’s father and how he would love to always offer her ube desserts when she was younger. She was fortunate enough for him to share his secret ube halaya jam recipe with her which is a core ingredient in each of All Things Ube desserts.

in 2019, Daphne and Dennis really began turning their dream into a reality.

Team ATU is very big on supporting local and small businesses especially in San Diego. All Things Ube wouldn’t be where it’s at if it weren’t for all the supporters during its first year. All the way from the Chula Vista, City Heights and of course, Mira Mesa. And now to everyone who supports ATU from around the country, we appreciate you all. All Things Ube loves all of their supporters.